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About us

                                                   Welcome to the TAC online store!

    Everything that surrounds us, one way or another, affects our quality of life. And since every person needs good sleep every day, bedding here plays the first violin.

    The brand of bedding TAC belongs to the Turkish holding Zorlu Textiles Group. The portfolio of brands of this company includes: TAC, Valeron, Pierre Cardin, Kristal, Brielle, Fremood. In our online store, we are pleased to offer you a large selection of bedding colors, kitchen and bath accessories, as well as a hotel and restaurant line. During the presence on the market, bedding of this manufacturer has established itself as a product fully compliant with the European level. The wide range of TAC bedding sets and other bedding manufactured under this brand, combined with the highest quality of these bedding, can satisfy the most discerning customer.

  Today, each of us is trying to make our home more comfortable and cozy. To give loved ones and loved ones only the best textile supplies. We will help you cope with this task. We have all kinds of textile products - bedding, bedspreads, terry towels, bathrobes, pillows and blankets, children's textiles - all for your comfort!

  We work for you 7 days a week! We answer all questions, advise and help you make your choice! We provide free shipping, we have a flexible system of discounts!